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By Lee Graves

Possibly the region’s first craft brewer, Thomas Jefferson grew hops and created his own small-batch brews at his home at Monticello. His brewing, however, was only the beginning. Charlie Papazian got his start homebrewing at the University of Virginia and went on to become a founder of the craft brewing movement. The city was not spared the fervent debate over prohibition, and the area went dry well in advance of the country in 1907. The Brew Ridge Trail set the standard for regional attractions focused on brewery destinations and sees thousands trek through the beautiful countryside enjoying libations. National award–winning breweries like Devils Backbone, Starr Hill and Three Notch’d elevated Charlottesville to a center of craft beer. Author Lee Graves offers a fascinating history and guide to brewing in scenic Charlottesville.

128 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1467119566, The History Press, 2017.