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George Washington: Man Behind the Myth
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By William M.S. Rasmussen and Robert S. Tilton

For many Americans, their perceptions of George Washington's character are rooted in his private life. George Washington: The Man Behind the Myths addresses these popular notions head on, examining our conceptions and misconceptions about him by presenting a fascinating collection of documents and images.

With origins in a major exhibition at the Virginia Historical Society (co-sponsored by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association and Washington and Lee University), this book brings together Washington's own words, observations by his contemporaries, narratives by the first generation of Washington biographers, decorative objects, and visual images to separate the fact from the fiction of the father of this country. George Washington: The Man Behind the Myths takes a crucial step toward allowing us to understand Washington as he really was.

328 pages, Softcover, ISBN 0813919002, The University Press of Virginia, 1999.